Greetings friends!  The past week flew by and here we are at week four of the One Room Challenge (ORC) sponsored by Linda of, the blog, Calling It Home.  Week four has been more productive than week one, week two, and week three, combined!  It's the week where the fruits of your labor come into fruition.  Since we've visited last, I broke up with Mr. Upholsterer.  I know, he deserved it, right?!  No longer am I in Chicago!  I've moved my furniture to Duluth!  I'm in utter amazement!!!

Remember my storage unit, from week two?  Keep in mind, this photo does NOT accurately represent just how full it was, prior to sending the furniture to the upholsterer!

Here it is now!  Well, how I vacated it, I'm sure someone's rented it by now.  I couldn't even believe that it was empty after the movers cleared it!  I actually felt a bit teary eyed!  I sold furniture out of that particular unit for over 5 years.  It was the perfect amount of space to house my ever growing, ever changing inventory.  Believe it or not, the photo does not do it justice!  LOL!  The painted brick walls were terribly attractive, especially, the extremely high barreled brick ceiling.  I used to fantasize about staging it as a studio apartment...  Ever designing!

I could hardly believe that my belongings filled an entire 24' truck!!!  I knew I had a lot of stuff, but, I HAVE A LOT OF STUFF!  I've moved several times and have lived a few places- D.C., California, even France, to name a few; but this was my first experience organizing, rather orchestrating, a move of THIS  magnitude!  

It was rather bittersweet...

Remember the "kitchen" I loved to hate???  Specifically, the cabinets I DETESTED....


GONE!  OMG!  Looks 1000% better!  So much more lighter in that area.  You can see a difference in paint color where the cabinets were...

I was seriously concerned if the new white paint would perfectly match the existing wall color.  I simply did not want to have the ENTIRE (refrigerator) wall repainted; it runs the length of the apartment.  Fortunately, the paint was a PERFECT, EXACT match!!!
The stainless shelves are from Ikea (& here).  I am not a fan of Ikea.  EVERY TIME (seriously, without fail!!) I've bought something from Ikea, it's bumped, bruised, or scratched (in the box!)- these shelves were NO exception!  I would have returned them, however they were shipped (had I made a store purchase, I would have opened each and EVERY box to inspect the contents!), the nearest Ikea is 2 1/2 hours away, plus I HAD to have them installed- there was no negotiation of time.  The shelves look good (professional), even better, they worked with the budget.  Commercial restaurant grade shelves priced me out!  The Ikea shelves were a fraction of what a set of commercial shelves cost.  

Remember my living area and how I had been living for 7 months?

Welcome home!!!

My movers were THE most responsible, conscientious, professional team.  They knew I was very concerned about my belongings-  LOTS of glass, high ticket items, fragile pieces.  Every single item on the truck traveled safely into my apartment.  What a blessing!  

I was so exhausted, overwhelmed, and sleep deprived on move day, but I HAD to bring some semblance of order (and aesthetic) to the room...

I was soooooo right about my "new" sofa!  It's lovely, but far too dark for the look I'm seeking to achieve!  eBay & etsy, here it comes!

Those arm chairs look 1000% percent better, don't they?  Remember, during week three, I had the pair upholstered in the Brunschwig & Fils chocolate velvet and pink embroidered fabric?  I know, don't judge me!!  I disliked them so much that I had Mr. Upholsterer (re)reupholster them in the Robert Allen fabric and it's done them complete justice!  They are very chic, now!
Give it to me straight!  Does it look like I have a lot to do???  I really cannot tell.  Looking at this photo, I'm reminded that I still have to get the mirror replaced in the frame; I'm unsure if that's going to happen- the budget is getting a tad bit weary. 

Will my inspiration room become a reality???!!!  I just love that nearly every element of this room is a "conversation piece".  It's the the kind of vibe I hope to attain when week six appears.  Again, with the white sofa- I love a white sofa, I have to get one and fast!  

Glori Salva

Last, but certainly not least!  My Milo Baughman desk!  I've had this piece since '08.  Of course there's a story behind it!  Horrible Craigslist photo, but, I KNEW it was something, just as I did with the Schaefer bench.  Drove over an hour to take a look at it and snapped it up for a song, from the original owner.  Fast forward to the present...  I've located a refinisher who has agreed to lay down her principles and stain it ebony for me.  The walnut has more than a few issues; while I'd love to have it stained it's original color, it's best to employ a dark stain.  Dark, but with some translucence; I want to be able to see the grain of the wood- I do NOT want it to look painted dark.  More importantly, she can deliver the desk next week.  We shall hope and see.  

The three drawers are busted and wrapped.  I don't have a referral for the refinisher, I just pray she's not like my ex, Mr. Upholsterer!  As much furniture as I've had refinished this will be my first time working with a woman.  Go girls!  Lady, PLEASE do me proud!  

An updated version of my things to do...


-Remove kitchen cabinets
-Buy kitchen shelves
-Hang kitchen shelves
-Find someone to remove cabinets & hang shelves
-Buy kitchen work table "island"
-Locate and buy interesting art  Have a few cool pieces; could use more.  Paint a few large canvases???
-Hang LARGE mirrors
-Find someone to hang mirrors!
-Order round glass tops for side/end tables
-Sandblast metal cabinets (in Chicago; 4 pieces)
-Refinish 5 metal cabinets & 4, 5-stack metal barrister bookcases  Won't happen during the ORC!!!
-Refinish & ceruse brown wooden chairs  Won't happen during the ORC!!!
-Locate & buy pillows (custom pillows???)  Purchased 4, had 4 madeNeed MORE due to upholstery change!!!  Won't happen during the ORC!!!
-Select & buy upholstery fabric
-Upholster furniture (in Chicago; 14 pieces- by a professional of course!)
-Buy lampshades (in Chicago; have custom made???)
-Have lamp rewired & made taller into a floor lamp
-Locate wood refinisher (in Duluth) & have desk repaired/stained/refinished
-Have mirror replaced in frame
-Place furniture
-Lay rugs (possibly buy a couple!!!)  Purchased 2; using 1!
-Custom drapes (after further consideration, noooooo way $$$$$$$$$)  Not making the INVESTMENT!!!
-BUDGET???  WHO KNOWS!!!  I'll let you know!

Well, the show is still going on and is in perpetual motion, over here!  See you next week, by that time I shall have every piece of cardboard, peanut, bubble and stretchy wrap out of my life.  Be sure to visit my fellow participants in the ORC, leave them a cheery comment, they are all quite talented.  

Review my progress:


  1. You can get it done! Moving is the hard part, and that's over. Now you can focus on putting the space together--and your windows are divine!

    1. Thank you so much for your vote of confidence, Sharon! LOVE your stenciling (I just left a comment on your blog! Thank goodness the moving IS over. OMG! I would LOVE to have (linen) drapes made for these fabulous windows, but, I'm so priced out! LOL! Thanks so much for commenting, I really appreciate it! See you on week 6!

  2. I have no words, I am exhausted for you. I would have killed for a loft this fab! I can't wait to see it. This is definitely going to be a stunner.

    1. Linda!!! I'm honored you stopped by! I'm staying hopeful that I can 1/2 way achieve the dream!!! I'm thrilled to be apart of your inspiring group of bloggers. Looking for to seeing you on week 6!
      ps. Is there anyway to edit my #8 listing on your site? Guess I was dizzy, because, I misspelled "ROOM", for heaven's sake!
      Thanks again for visiting!

  3. Wow, you have probably one of the biggest projects during this challenge! I can't wait to see it all done dear!

    1. Vel, say it ain't so! LOL!!! I'm just like "the little engine who could"- "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..." Working day and night to make the vision a reality! Thank you so much for visiting me! See you on week 6!

  4. Boy oh boy are you working hard and I just know it will be more fabulous than your inspiration photo! Keep that engine going!!

    1. Thank you, so much, Kim for your kind words & vote of confidence! It's dizzying, but, I'm keeping at it! LOL! I'm heading over to your site now! How are you coming along?
      See you at the "finish line" (is it ever REALLY "finished"?)!
      Best regards,